Sunday, March 6, 2011


"Drop dead gorgeous … oh, and the girl ain't bad either."  Conversations are valuable even if you are not there when they begin? And when exactly does anything begin? You have an hour to reply. If it takes longer I will have to cut you off. We have other things to do.

Snow in the coast range. Days longer but still short. The warmth of the fire welcome always but especially now. Imagination flourishes when the senses rest. Its wintertime.

Coach or mentor? Probably both. Didn't mind getting in protege's face if it would help. And sometimes it does. Do it too often, you might as well flip burgers. As a wise but fallible philosopher once said, "Bullshit."

Working so hard that there is no time to work smart? Ancient wisdom? OS wars biggest value? Showing ego to be its own worst enemy?

Paths without declarations. Think about it.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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  1. Why can't I find stuff in March 011 posts with Google?