Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pre-Mocking Instance

"But bigotry is not entertainment. "

"Then why is it perceived that way? By whom and for what reason?"

He knew the answer list would be quite long expressed at the detail level. For purposes of this dialog, highly accurate abstractions would probably be more useful. How about specific details in support of a few abstract visualizations?

He wondered how highly compensated chief executives could be so easily manipulated by anonymous owners. Bribery in the form of record payouts was the automatic answer. The not so well exposed kicker was safe haven for ill-gotten gains. But there must be something more?

A short sighted top view.

"Yes, that would be one way to look at it.", she turned to the others assuming their interest had been piqued.

I will tell you a story of a CEO who decided it was time to kick herself upstairs, so-to-speak (referring to the exalted land of controlling ownership.) What was not apparent to her was that such a transition would not shed her exposure to vicious competition. You see, dear reader, some things were hidden from her as well. Seasoned owners are masters of ego management, especially that of chiefs.

"Scientific creativity applied to political behavior. Don't call it political science. The term has been discredited."

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