Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lightning Strikes

"In a dream I was walking in a rare winter snow. All appeared to be either black or white even though I knew better. Suddenly a flash of light changed the appearance of the scene. Yes, seconds later thunder would follow. The palette of fear is one choice. There are others.

Private clients, Acxiom?
"Persona vs. person. Split personality useful at times? Often? Marketplace driven? Is it related to privacy ... especially fear-driven privacy? The kind that takes advantage of vertical channeling (see Gravity)? And serves hidden agendas?

"To the steady beat of private: Mark knows. Stevie certainly. Does anyone doubt Eric? Now me too."

Thinking 'out loud' but not necessarily vocally, he realized his quest was not so much in vain. Hearing "Blowhard" as if the honking horn of a car cued one very profound idea, ego auto-pilot.

Who programs the ego-auto-pilot? What is the significance of "create the illusion of consensus"?

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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