Monday, March 21, 2011


Better Gender Match
"They will take care of us. I am pretty sure."

"Wishful thinking?", she wondered out loud.

"Does it matter?", he shot back knowing she would pick up on the intuitive piece.

Was it really saying that the signature chain emails are a likely method of developing sock puppet histories for "persona management software"? The key is to hide the fact that the 'personal identities' are not actually seperate individuals but appear to be long enough to achieve the objective. 

Sensing value before successful monetization is the name of the game and has been so since long before any of this whiz-bang technology. Here and now, the competition has built up a considerable capacity in the new medium to deceive public opinion.

Sit still.
Their nurtured life-like automation seemed capable in similar scenarios. Why not this one? Automating reverse engineering and refining it using empirical methods led to many breakthroughs. Using them before fully formed was now bearing unexpected fruit ... again.

"Lets take a run at a meme seed for this one. Chain email is raw data for sock puppet regeneration?"

"Sounds like a job for human calculators", she said as she pointed to herself and smiled.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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