Sunday, March 13, 2011

Do Something About THEM

... call for backup.
"They're kind of dangerous. What nice person would actually consider such a job? My people are suspicious of them.

"It will be a lot different when our people are there. With any luck at all our people will control soon and they will become us and will therefore be good. My people say so."

"Complex becomes simple. Eliminate bad guys on the list. Only us good guys will be left. We will then be able to reward the sponsors handsomely for their vote of confidence so they can invest overseas where there is not the burden of caring about people. Then they can give us even more money ... if they want to."

"Pronouns matter (especially if one is not sure of their antecedents.) Take the case of as an example. The established brand is not limited to to its descriptive nature or elements. Enduring rules do not favor specific players. The sense of entitlement does not come into play."

"Presumably you used that case for a reason."

"Count on it."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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