Thursday, March 31, 2011

Openness in Depth

"Not intuitively obvious to the casual observer, much of the essence of openness in depth is actually part of a security in depth protocol.

Deception is NOT friendly.
"'Tell the truth, there is less to remember.' Huge efficiencies are to be gained by not having to allocate resources to deception and/or secrecy. Coupled with vastly superior numbers, the potential to counter the competition is substantial."

"The Analog Unit Domain, where heuristics are common, represents the biggest opportunity for collective trust. The Digital Reality Domain serves as the consensus platform. The two domains in concert is the foundation for our plan."

The unfettered term, 'friendly' describes the mission better than any other. Unfortunately, its descriptive power has been tainted by its broad application to fields where the very concept has been subordinated to a selfish agenda.

Friendly and secure fit together like a glove in the absence of unenlightened self-interest. Rich media interactivity is available now to support this paradigm. Put it to work.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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