Friday, March 18, 2011

Strategic Economics - Introduction

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But what about our huge investment?
"... but they won't ... answer that is."

"My point, exactly."

"How so?"

"Answering puts the deception at risk. It is the 'tipping point' opportunity in this context, so-to-speak."

Getting past the minions is the hard part. Think front door as opposed to the back door. Decades of motes put the real decision makers out of reach of even friendly folks.  A little 'social' thought and clever implementation could ease access in dramatic fashion. Trust is a key word here.

"For instance, Iowa is nearly next door to Kansas. Somebody living in the former is more likely to know the 'location' of the entity of interest's back door (the latter.) More so than, say, someone on either coast.

"You might well ask, 'what do you mean, back door?', to which I would answer, 'the place where friendly neighbors come.'"

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