Sunday, March 6, 2011

Visible Street

"… denial using the same methods invites the very scrutiny the competition wishes to avoid."

Network not?
"I get it. Desiring to hide from the consequences of one's destructive actions is more difficult in this kind of contest. The community's intent is constructive and has a much lower need for secrecy."

"Precisely. Its easier to see from Chicago." with just a few words, one resolution segued to another intro.

She did not have to fake it. Even the concept was waisted on him at that point. Sure it was an exciting world complete with dramatic characters with questionable and fascinating motives. Is danger provocative because it often leads to change? Just because we fly above them doesn't mean they don't matter. Like bridges, the landings count ... big time.

Around the world, they are dancing in the streets. Not just some streets, many streets. The song plays to the requests of the many who want, nay demand, a voice.

"Why do you suppose he would ask how it works by doubting that it does?"

"If it is a signal, and I am guessing that it is, it would be useful to disclose the methodology in a public forum. The organic pitch, the medium which includes the machine adds value to the messages in a conversation. Just because you are afraid doesn't mean it cannot be friendly."

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