Monday, March 28, 2011

Pre-mocking Takeover

Front door is locked.
"Is the technique losing steam? It would seem so. The plausible but largely incorrect meme that people are stupid has come up against humor. Controllers prefer fear and anger in their subjects. Otherwise the masses might think for themselves and discover the agenda is not even friendly to them.

"When a brother accuses his sibling of organized crime and some time later reconciles - one, thinking for oneself may ask, "Why?" But if some greater good is to be served by such a question, more than one will need to ask. In fact, a critical mass is usually necessary (smart mob of friends).

"As discussed here before, using strategic meme propagation is conducive to forming a sufficient population to put deception detection to work."

When the dialog got onto 'it is never finished' it was surely poignant that the context of 'when to monetize'.  Transactions involving dollars are highly explicit. As such, they are subject to forces that may not be at all related to the actual exchange of value. When the means of universal exchange impact a transaction inappropriately the transaction is worth less to the whole.

Enigma Riddle
"When the cats show disinterest in being herded, the minion/manager thinks to herself, "this is why I am payed the big bucks."

The big-owner smiles and says, "Just keep our little secret and make money. Things go better with oil."

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