Monday, December 6, 2010

Silos and Other Paradigms

If we lack faith in each other, we look for a higher authority. Said another way, if you think I am stupid, you will identify with someone who appears less so. Often, someone not on the same level but rather at a higher level that you aspire to. If there is a financial incentive to do so, all the better. At some point, sound objectivity can (and often does) lead to narrow self-interest.

I would argue that we all are vulnerable to 'incentives' of this nature, even and perhaps especially those who want to exercise their intelligence in a meaningful way.

Vertical is Patriotic?
Devious minds recognize this aspect of human nature, "You and I are not stupid like your neighbor, follow me and you will have the opportunity to take away from the stupid that which they never should have had in the first place."

Bias your vision to the vertical as in:

Horizontal interaction (unlawful assembly) is to be shunned because other people are stupid (like your neighbor) and stupid could rule if they organize through peer-to-peer interaction.

Vertical control (top down) by those who have 'earned' the right to rule is not appealing to stupid people but necessary to maintain order (because 'they' are stupid and destructive.) You just can't pay too much to those who will use any means necessary to maintain this overarching order. We would rather pay a few a lot than more. Market Based Management ... something like that.

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