Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fools Rush In

So close he could not see it. Well, maybe so close he would not see it. Trust is such a malleable thing. Very long term trust mechanisms are the least scrutinized because they have been vetted over a long time. Those rapidly trending from dependence to independence are a legendary both in consistency of general structure and the need for frequent monitoring.

The time to cycle from vague fear and despair to insight and purpose becoming shorter and shorter, as a general rule. How gratifying it was when they discovered the nuances of this were integral to the mission rather than a distraction. Underlying currents are not all that difficult to detect once a conscious connection is made to their obvious existence. Low spacial frequency patterns were remarkably distinct both with respect to conscious awareness and to each other.

That classic concept, 'messaging' was the marker they first discovered. Because its machine representation existed as a nameless object, it languished far down the priorities list. When a clear and present local micro- and macro- examples presented themselves simultaneously, the prototype pattern was named. The name, 'Messaging' also used in political campaigning.

The flurry of initial research spanning several days was nearing completion. A watch scheduled to go on the log at least by afternoon would alert the team when a member of the competition would find out.

"I did not guess we would overlook something so obvious. I am glad I know why."

"A pattern for further work, then?"

"Yes,", he chuckled.

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