Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Of Vertical Channels

Note that as the following unfolds, a process of the 'soup' informing the 'executive' is occurring. It is why the reader is invited to return over the ensuing 24 hours. Grokking (Heinlein) is essentially a meditative process.

Those with experience will have observed that abstract disclosures/questions will morph into metaphorical examples that will tease out the hidden patterns more effectively than declarations.  And importantly, will do so while avoiding unnecessarily inflammatory words and phrases wherever possible.

Vertical channels in lieu of agent risks, less than optimal. The biggest problem with people who exercise free will is that they may be corrupted by ideas that are in conflict with the vertical channel design they inhabit. Humans can adapt to the paradigm where 'gravity' plays such a crucial role.  Doing so to an outsized degree is ill advised, though.

As an avid observer of these vertical channels, I am guessing that their designers were looking for efficient control of folks in the channels from the top. The stacking insures that each position has the satisfaction of being the boss of those below while accepting being a servant of those above.

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