Sunday, July 29, 2012


Stand By Me
"You would be very surprised at the choice you have.", he had looked deeply into her eyes to get this silent but highly explicit reply to his query. And yes, it was difficult to translate her 'look' into text. It becomes easier with practice, though.

One wonders just what the implications of free will really are. Castenada spoke of the 'wings of intent'. It has been the theme of a myriad a great literary works. Just pondering the question elicits so much.

Humans are very immature at birth, relative to other critters. Maturation in the womb for a being so complex, not an option. A horse stands shortly after birth (with mom's help) and matures must faster than her/his human friends.

This pattern literally personifies 'punctuated equilibrium' from a certain point-of-view. Descriptions need only to describe inflection points, so-to-speak, to capture a sustained essence. The explosion of discovery ideally lasts a lifetime. We learn much of why when trying to understand the meaning of the latency between birth and an individuated person and its arguably steepest gradient, adolescence.

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