Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Watergate Wasn't The Burglary

"Decades later on many scales and at differing locales, investigations still have timeless elements in common."

Remember what Deep Throat said in the parking garage? 'Follow the money'. Woodward's source. We only recently learned who it was, Mark Felt.

What has been abbreviated as Watergate (the hotel where the break-in occurred) was actually about the cover-up of something much larger. We may yet to have seen the entirety of its consequences.

Meanwhile at the local and somewhat smaller scale, is it so farfetched that the agent who risked jumping ship feeling, 'what is left to lose' has just begun to create from her own bag? Is she aware of just how big a rock is hidden just below the surface? The team is speculating on strong circumstantial evidence it is far larger than they had assumed.

Breakthroughs in leadership too have something in common.

It could be 'brilliant' or just another dream in an imaginary world of no importance. Yeah, right. Like there were just two possibilities.

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