Wednesday, July 11, 2012


"You see, what the 'soup' said to me as the evening set in today was 'I want to be a parent that does the right thing, too'. And I know this can be the time to shine, hippie rock jock dad and would be athlete (haha) becomes communicator with self.

"My mom meant much for me. I was a clueless junior high school kid. She arranged for us to see a football game with 'her' and her mom. Like every girl I had a crush on, I could not look at her unless I felt bigger than life. The story of why is for a different time. A half century later, it finally begins to resonate. Like a finely tuned instrument. But I digress ..."

"That night, I did not feel bigger than the life I did not understand. Even as much as perhaps others my age. I don't know which teams played and I did not even look at her pretty face. Can you imagine what she might have been thinking? It makes me cringe … even in this new century."

Her son is the male version of what I want for my only child who looks to have lost her way for a bit. Wise persons advised just what my soup re-iterated …"

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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