Saturday, July 7, 2012

Running Against False Choice

"… this low ranking individual trusted by top management with looking into allegations of impropriety cross-examined under oath on the witness stand in a public trial would be interesting. Very."

"Should we start allocating resources to bring this about?.", she asked. Cash preservation ranking high, this meant that the assistant and other team members would look at first steps like selective disclosure.

"Lets complete making the reports searchable and revisit that question. It may only take a couple of hours."

The silver-lining of a constrained budget is the discipline it enforces. Challenged but confident humans unencumbered with a need to deceive tend to thrive. Knowing where to look in a field of camouflage and misdirection requires patience and adaptive savvy.

Case in point, using a trusted tool already vetted rather than pyramiding risk by searching for something more convenient and/or relying on costly third party offerings. As predicted, the searchable report document became ready by the afternoon."

 "Its done. One official's name stands out among the others suggesting a good spot to start 'digging'."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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