Monday, July 2, 2012


Who "is" she?
"A syndrome, dramatically illustrated by the real life story of Patty Hearst. Four decades later, Deja Vu?"

"Versions of identity might include:
1) awareness of self as a coherent whole
2) view of context from a unique position in space/time
3) electronic or other proxy of 1 and/or 2

"In this case, it is important not to conflate version and persona. The list should be longer, no doubt. The intent is to broach the subject of identity in our modern era.

"Eric Schmidt (now Chairman and former CEO of Google) used the word 'identity' to describe what Facebook got right, first. Look it up."

Its a 'sticky' issue in more ways than one. Nineteen like the age 17 serves to illustrate just why the subject is neither trivial nor close to being 'solved'. We might as well face facts, there are few, if any, shortcuts to the promise of subtle wisdom.

One often hopes that resolution won't take decades in the making.

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