Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Justified Deception

"You did it first!"

"I did not. I had to take care of my family. Besides, I am an expert on family dynamics. We have built an ecosystem here. Many family wage jobs are part of it. Our actions are reasonable to protect what we have. Others can fend for themselves."

After a few seconds of contemplation, he countered, "Or not. A sound secular argument for universal compassion suggests otherwise. Bucky called it synergy. Shakyumuni, Chenzerig. Our innate capacity to harvest our better nature has been and will be critical to our species longevity.

"That temper reared its ugly head was a mistake. It is not, however, justification for perpetuating such foolhardy behavior. As if the concept of eternal punishment has any merit whatsoever.

How would you like your avarice? Over easy? Salt and pepper?", she knew how the jury would react. The judge let it pass (at some risk). Plugging leaks can be resource intensive ... and ultimately, futile.

"You and I are the same. We suffer. We experience happiness. We change. I am betting the farm that if I help you, you in turn are likely to reciprocate. Scaled up, the logic is inescapable. The first step is one's own. Am I wrong?"

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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