Monday, July 16, 2012

Luna Logic

"If it runs away, I chase it. Maybe bark at it too.

"Then were friends." Not everything said by the licky face, waggy tail, barky dog translated well. This did though.

One does not question the sentiments of upside-down dogs.

The humans discussed their observations of the two sentient beings. The spectrum in several dimensions came as no surprise to one human. He on the quest documented so extensively in the log.

"Same thing as dancing really. Familiar protocol that allows natural interpretation to discover common ground. Another fancy word for it might be, diplomacy?"

"The function of the state department in microcosm. There is a pattern here. What shall we call it?"

"Matrimony." She was joking. Sort of.

For social critters, isolation is an experience best in moderation. Others, maybe not so much.

"The rule book says we are supposed to have fun when we spend a lot of money going to places where we don't really know anybody."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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