Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Half a century of integrity. More than a match for e=mc2.
"You are certifying that no crime has been committed? Perhaps you can have an affidavit prepared to that effect."

"Loyalty is generally considered a good thing. When it overrides integrity? Something entirely different.

"Many a successful political career has been built upon revealing when a bad choice of this type is made. It is what DA rising stars do. Discover and prosecute corruption while exposing wilfull ignorance subsidized by deceived tax-paying citizens. We are not just talking about the wealthy and powerful citizens. Instead, ALL of them."

Gathered here today to see as one alone cannot, they each chose their words carefully. A tradition handed down in many cultures the world over. Ritual without wisdom is a waste. Campfire light helps.

"Into the arms of the disguised and wicked, the victims may not know who to trust. Easily attracted to slick deception out of desperation, they feed the cancer unaware that reaching instead to their metaphorical sister or brother builds their immune response. And in the process, protecting them from predators."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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