Sunday, July 15, 2012

Radio Bigger Than Limbaugh?

"Da' Wolfman. Arr-oooo."
"Yes. It was decades ago. Many are too young to remember. The key element to the success of the medium was emergent, some would argue. Stimulating an imaginary stage in the minds of those who could only hear the presentation in real-time from far-away."

"We often read or become aware of how an engaged audience 'identifies' with a performance. This fundamental pattern is at least as ancient as humanity. Most of what we experience is mind's recursive playback of what went before, dynamically interpreted. World's best abstraction engine has an unmistakable architecture we are just beginning to deeply understand."

Among technology milestones, radio certainly deserves a spot. History will not remember the last to exploit a seminal medium any more than the radio set that slowly quit, buzzing and crackling as it faded.

© 2012 Buzz Hill


  1. Yeah, I was there, too...

  2. ... sweetened thru the ages just like wine.