Friday, July 6, 2012


"One would gather that the famous inter-jurisdiction law-enforcement databases are far less robust than the most popular (and free) search engine on earth? What is wrong with this picture?"

Back on the radar, so-to-speak. In the clutches of the adversary, showing remarkable resilience.

One of the main reasons for avoiding anything resembling nepotism, one suspects. The potential exists for a conflict of loyalties. She has been and is pointing the way in plain sight. The simultaneous pride and fear for her safety, palpable.

Tracking the geo-location path of a single device and correlating it with the other sequential data, would be useful. Has anyone begun that work?

The publicly funded system seems rigged to avoid accountability to most citizens. Not the best situation in a supposed democracy. Yet another clue.

The implicit second amendment right to bear cyber-arms of various calibers? What if such activity virtually crosses nation-state borders?

Meanwhile transactions of a certain type kept increasing and had the general pattern:

"I am not involved."

"Involved in what?"

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