Monday, July 23, 2012

HIPAA Obfuscation Tactic

Medical Monster - Oregon
"One of the big reasons they have fallen so far behind is being negligently blind to competition. Becoming used to crushing those that would challenge their hegemony has come at a substantial price.

"Heavy artillery requires very little in the way of sophisticated analysis of the target.

The skill to intelligently engage the opposition tends to atrophy over a long period of time.

"Standards in lieu of innovation seems counter-intuitive unless said standards are designed to advantage a subset of the folks affected to the detriment of the others."

One of the bigger arguments against special interests crafting legislation - a highly visible conflict-of-interest if exposed to the light of day.

"Who interprets HIPAA when there is probable cause that a crime is being committed? Is it limited to people who can afford an attorney or who can wait way too long for publicly provided counsel?"

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