Thursday, July 5, 2012


"A bit late for lunch isn't it?"

Like so much about this chapter, things appear odd. For a year and a half, a change of address is a critical factor of compliance with the long probation. Yet when authorities are clearly exposed to reasonable suspicion of breach, nothing happens? No reasons given. Hostility to related queriess. Other questions ignored. False accusations readily believed and recorded. What truth need anyone be afraid of, especially those charged with protecting public safety?

"Stupid Clucks (Ok, I may have got the spelling wrong on one of the words). Grandiose claims of big, dumb and spoiled it seems. The laptop with a catchy descriptive name, Sticker Computer central to the mystery. And still not sure exactly, why. Getting closer though.

"Messages from a single cell. But who was/is texting? Locations of usage available to whom and how? How much of 'dance' was show? And what is magic about a trip to Germany? Another decoy?"

Consistent patterns of deception can be a reliable source of clues if one has sufficient inductive skills.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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