Friday, July 13, 2012


"If you are so smart, what is your excuse for being monumentally stupid on this one, sweetheart?"

Hearing this, she got really mad, which hardly ever happens :-) "Spending your coming-of-age career trying to make others look stupid is … well, stupid."

And the colored girls sing, "do to do, do too to do …" Walk on the wild side.

Dumbo in tow, knew better. Gaming the system can be a dangerous way to fly, but like a Ritalin high can get you through the next final (sometimes).

"But counselors have to make money too."

"Why and from whom?", he wondered out loud.

Smoke began to emerge from those perky ears of hers. Was it another act? It was apparent by now that she had been overplaying that hand. 'Stupid is as stupid does."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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