Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Cusp

When did hallways become cul-de-sacs, he wondered as he headed toward the conference node. Speculating that it was inspired by overlaying conceptual juxtaposition onto a physically friendly space. Deep understanding of dimensional constraints played a large roll in the new architecture whose function ironically mirrored the very subject to be considered just moments from now.

As he entered the node's space, the displays came to life as expected. Perhaps less expected was that the environment was markedly darker than the meetings that led up to this one. Long experience had taught him that what was to be transacted was not to be biased by backstory or mood setting backgrounds.

The last decoded piece on the sixth layer created a new synthetic frontier for which no experience driven ambience applied. Not unlike walking toward the edge of a cliff knowing that at the edge there will be a spectacular view and implicit danger. A deep breath as anticipation caused an adrenaline rush. A feeling of awesome fear mixed with "for this we have come".

Sitting down, he looked at her and she him. Eye contact, high bandwidth interactive engaged ...

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  1. That there were literally billions of bridges like the one to be discussed did not diminish the mystery. The structure itself was not at all unique, what it carried however was a much different story. Disparity, asymmetry ... Ok, in some sense glue holding two together. But not glue. For this was no static connection. In fact, precisely the opposite. If one thought of it as alive, it was far easier to understand. Organic characteristics, conceptual food, adaptive behavior described its operating context.