Monday, December 21, 2009

Turn, Turn, Turn

That she was dear to him goes without saying. Her long time nemesis was formidable. For good reason. A life long accommodation to the reality of growing up human - long nurturance, fraught with risk. But he knew from what she had taught him in their recent encounters, one should not judge the depth of the receiver's understanding of the topic based on a lack of vocal response or a delayed one.

At first, it was difficult for him to hear. It cut deep to his internalized nemesis. When a person's life saver has been his voice time and again, it is hard to be aware of what else is valuable. Patience was/is key. Eloquently described in certain epic novels ... his mind drifted once again to the eastern mysticism and how it codified in art the value of 'grokking' and 'waiting is'. The words of Perrault as he sought to pass on his legacy to the new caretaker of the ancient wisdom in that Himalayan valley.

Then, as time passed ... wow, it was decades! Another scene in the story was emerging. There is much to fear in an uncertain world. But fear should not be one of them. No less remarkable a human than a president named Roosevelt used a medium of his time to say it so well at just the right time. That he would name the newly constructed presidential retreat after the fictional monument to patience and careful thought, illustrated the point precisely.

War requires very violent and quick action. It is a last resort to a breakdown in the ability of humans to resolve the consequences of free will as a function of time. One could view it as the modern version of nature's garbage collection. Its limitiation? Some of the good stuff gets destroyed with the not so good stuff.

For winter.
If one were to back off and pragmatically observe the trends of recent history, would it not show that static formulas are woefully inadequate to this chapter of the human timeline? Seeking timeless insights does have a danger. That danger being that if we are to get it wrong in deciding that we have discovered one, the consequences are dire indeed.

Bryan was used to accepting now that it is hopelessly futile to compartmentalize mission, job, family, romance as if they were jars in a dark cupboard. Deeper than that is where this was all leading. If not jars of canned whatever lying in wait for a time when they could be of benefit, then what?

He opened a channel and asked, "Well what have we learned?". He was patient for the answer this time.

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