Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just Enough Time

Travel in this part of the world is often about waiting. The elements rule the schedule. And now at one of those times when nature has another priority there is time to contemplate that mysterious message from half a world away. After all, what brought us here is its implication that a very large land mass and being as close as possible to the edge of the atmosphere was essential to receive.

So, back home, there was much speculation about what was to be received and why it should it take so long. One train of thought rationalized that the message required such a large 'landing area' and 'message duration' because it would need to travel a great cosmic distance.

Huddled around the fire we discussed the usual challenges of navigating and traversing such a challenging landscape. But once we had done our best to prepare for our next window of opportunity the roundtable returned to high level talk of the mission.

"It seems to me that the channel's design implies that the designers, though highly capable by any earthly measure, were far from omnipotent..."

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