Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Control Room

The special ingredient, the catalyst is temporarily unavailable. On the visible outer layer, chaos ensued, the meticulous work of the last year suddenly appeared to look as if it might be just another rabbit trail. The change in fortune was recorded, sorted and indexed just as the advancements had been.

Checking the machine to be sure that the anomaly was not an 'uncaught exception' or just a component failure or both, was step one. He was thankful for the advanced system graphics and the highly evolved user interface. Answering the why of systemic errors quickly was the goal and it was working now.

Not only was a single item identified as the culprit, the culprit itself was highlighted. Its function was automatic categorization with indexing that could be used as if it were new raw data with the added value of being abstracted locally.

He enjoyed 'feeling' how this thing worked. In just a couple of hours the upload would begin and the support processing could proceed.

It was just as she had said, in a stumbling but assertive way. How often her dramatic expression of emotion hid a subtle meaning. Did she know this was happening? To early to know, in all probability. Effective drama requires believability. "duh."

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