Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thread, Needle, Success

Once again, it is time to thread the needle. Reagan shut down the government to get congress to act responsibly in regards to passing legislation in timely fashion. Whether or not you agreed with his politics, it was effective.

Team Obama working with congress envious of its leadership and popularity with citizens, keeps congress in session throughout the weekends to get itself to act responsibly. This time about holding the Medical/Industrial complex responsible for its and our sustainability. Thread ready to attach to needle. Effectiveness to follow.


  1. The differences are many, but one is the changes in media since Reagan. Reagan had a populist image, promulgated by the media, and could do no wrong. Obama has "hate radio and TV" chewing on him, and the mainstream media, if you can call it that, is practically peddling him as a marxist muslim. If he were to shut down the government, or pull any of the shenanigans that Reagan did as a matter of course, he would be impeached immediately.

    Getting congress to "act responsibly" is a ridiculously impossible task, when congressmen can holler "liar" at him at the State Of The Union speech. I fear they will kill him before that or much else positive happens.

  2. Counterpoint: In Reagan's time, commercial media was obligated to serve the public interest. Our president's caution with respect to the media is that it currently serves a fairly narrow private interest and is in a precipitous decline as a result. The circular accountability of broadcasting worked well for broadcasters when there was a public referee. Their mandated public benefit kept the circular chain functioning (Broadcaster serves public and makes money from advertisers who sell to the public). All that is left of the old model is public radio and television with limited influence from narrow private interests.