Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One hand ...

It was a pretty good plan. Make the space for the 'on message' smaller through rapid, deep and varied responses to the the repetitive on-message-messages. It diluted the overall influence much as decoys do to a homogenous weapon's arsenal.

Helpful too was pushing the detection to higher levels of consideration within the cognitive system. The old thinking is that this was dumb because it was repetitive and did not stand up to reasonable thinking. And, while that was all true, the intent behind the messaging was quite sophisticated.

The serendipitous advent of conceptual connections at the highest level of abstraction was the beginning of the new strategy. Variously referred to in the later parts of biological evolution, "Don't take oneself to seriously", "life is short, get over it", procreation, lifetime of a species etc.

What made it humorous was often that the connections could not be logically supported based on all the support mechanisms below. But just because the answer did not lie there, did not mean that the connection lacked some deep truth or value.

Curious how the technical discussion of this mechanism took much of the fun out of it ... until now.

He opened the channel and spoke, "It is Tuesday, a reminder we will assemble in the usual place at the usual time with the usual agenda ... have a nice day."

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