Friday, December 25, 2009


Many find a lot to like about the celebration of Jesus' birthday and others struggle for a variety of reasons around this time of the year. I am in the latter group. It only makes my 'contribution' more negative if I start explaining why before the end of the year (if ever). You will be relieved to hear that I will spare you, dear reader, that.

But struggle is part of life too. By embracing it I feel less a victim. So by way of said embracing I write this:

One way to regard the unfolding epiphany of connecting is as a gift found under the tree a year ago. That we did not have a tree (see above) is why I ask you to accept the statement metaphorically.

I am not so sure it would fit under a tree anyway. It more properly belongs close to or at its crown. It does not shine like a star except in retrospect. The physicists point out that it takes the light from a distant star a long time to arrive. Theologians have their version too.

But I am most interested in what others have to add. Others meaning beyond the usual suspects: Rabbis, thoeretical physiscists, priests, monks, pastors etc. And beyond that the not-so-usual suspects, other humans. Don't forget those doggies that my daughter loves so much. And the plant with the purple flowers that bloomed long after the sun started to hide for the season in the family room. And those funny little bugs that live in our woods. And one of my favorites Cardiomyocytes (I've got some and they get along with each other very well). You get the idea.

Connection is a hard thing to capture. It surely is not an event and calling it a 'process' still seems inadequate. State-of-Mind is getting closer though. Accumulating the miracle of life over time, closer-still. Maybe the futile effort to describe it is its enduring value - if life is not done, it is ...

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