Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wing Nut Wars

Wing nut wars financed by health-care profiteers (yes, there are left wing nuts also). Consider this:

Weapons - broadcast media.

Theatre - TV and radio audiences.

Ammunition - cheap content.

Spoils of warfare for the media - advertising dollars from the profiteers.

The cycle is being interrupted by non-broadcast media. Using interactive and friendly electronic communications, more people and influencers are seeing an alternative to feeding off the decline of humanity.

Each time a new Google, Facebook or Apple emerges, the old guard gets more desperate. The latest tactic - scorched earth. It is in the form of wasting the very people who have supported the 'pretend we are the chosen ones' movement. They are too expensive to support now. People management skills were not important in the movement's heyday, only perception management. So the decline is rapid.

Does it scare anyone that the most populous country on the planet has mimicked much of the latest predator run of the US? Can such a closed system rapidly adapt to a replacement like the one just taking hold in the US?

The strategic implications are immense. The capacity of the world's 'brain' is up to the task, in my opinion. It is so thanks to recent advances in hardware, self-adaptive software and the exploding literacy of earth's constituents.

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