Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hair Trigger

At the mercy of his, amygdala, time and again he would misread the intentions of the person on the other side of the conversation. No, that is not quite it. It felt like that because inferring intention is about as futile an exercise as there is in communication. Even if it is in a face-to-face encounter.

So many a deep intellectual framework attempted to achieve this task, of keeping the ego from destroying itself and much of its context. Take the western view, ego is trouble. Let's surgically remove it or render it moot with some pharmacological assault.

Or an Eastern view - disconnect it from the world, it is hard to do harm when one is not present. Well, thats an oversimplification isn't it?

This last challenging interaction brought home a pattern that scaled incredibly well - 'Abstract Too Soon'. Suffering was never far behind this one. 'twas true from the very small to the very large and everything in between. Because the difficult interaction was so much like one from a year or so ago, that the nick names of the people were identical made it easy to give it a handle. I use an alias here, "Harry".

To encode we take a sequence of instructions and try that on some real data. Refine the instructions accordingly. Try it on a representative sample of data. If necessary, refine again. Open it up and allow dynamic refinement ...

"Create New Candidate Pattern", was the command when it was not implicit in the dialog being monitored. Stimulating to think how this process related to those interactions that felt like magic, as if each of us had a facility to channel timeless wisdom and apply it to the here and now as an angel would.

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