Friday, December 18, 2009

Nerve Center

The dimly lit room full of flatscreens with all manner of patterns was a bit remiscent of a brightly lit street in NYC or Las Vegas. The sound a curious mix of voices most of whom were in a conversation with someone somewhere else. It felt like a ritual dance, one deserving a thoughtful reverance.

So, situations are handled here. To hear about this secure place where so many important decisions are formed would give one the impression that this was anything but routine.

But now, he was here and discovered quickly that this is actually very routine. It had to be in order for it to be reliable. Yes, world shaking events were rare and certainly handled by this space and these people. But just like Cheyenne Mountain, the reliability of the operation depended upon a certain routine that kept these people in a familiar environment, at a time when each of them would have to be 'game ready'.

A first time visitor, he felt the rush of being exposed to something awe inspiring in its sheer importance. But, of course, the news he carried, and the research to back it up engendered some of the same thrill ... and dread. Implicit in this fancy memory stick he carried would be comical if it were not so significant. He thought, "feels like a good movie did when I was discovering my imagination."

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