Thursday, December 31, 2009

Of Dream and Prediction

For creatives, holidays often don't change the routine much. Unless of course, they are part of the subject matter. Odd how even the category of creatives came to be so ... important to the lexicon. Creating is what humans do. It is part of every job to some degree or another. The category probably arose because of the need to differentiate tasks that have high creative content with those that do not in the new connected world.

Prediction is such an important part of the way the brain functions. Knowing (consciously or not) what is likely to happen is helpful in managing with limited sensory and motor bandwidth, cognitive latency and a host of other practical constraints. That the mechanism adapts based on experience is truly fundamental to life and the machines based on it.

Like the dancing in the dark we call dreaming, the routines to finish the process of assigning meaning to experience are essential to survival. When they are compromised, prediction begins to fail and everyday variance becomes overwhelming.

So today looking into the eyes of indescribable beauty and needing to be interactive took on special meaning. Prediction and beauty are indeed related in the dynamic sense. To be valuable to life they both are in a continual state of flux. Some would define life as a continual state of flux.

Right brain recognition of the association has long been known. Left brain acquisition and serializing it for general application was the task before them.

Before he had a chance to initiate the dialog she said, "I too wonder how it looks from the other side." He knew, instinctively a pivotal exchange was about to follow.

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