Thursday, December 10, 2009

iAm invention disclosure

Please excuse that the following is anything but polished or complete. Its intended purpose is to immediately get as much as possible into the Public Domain.

iAm - signature dynamics on a touch screen (like iPhone). Open source. Could use PGP for secure transactions. Social networking (like Facebook) for out-of-body presence (open a door, log-on, confirm financial transaction etc.). Dialog for extended security. Extra circuitry on silicon to make it more tamper-proof.


  1. Take a look at the Chinese character recognition on the iPhone and try to draw them. It is Hard to make them look right with your finger...

  2. In signature dynamics, how it looks is nearly inconsequential.

  3. My thinking is the format (invisible strokes on the iPhone) makes it difficult to be repeatable, for all but the simplest of strokes. I would think someone would have a set of complex strokes that would be their 'sig'?