Sunday, December 20, 2009

Her 'Chess'

The term "drop-dead gorgeous" meant different things to different people, of course. That she was exceptionally attractive and deeply so was evident. How humans are able to tell such a thing so quickly still remains largely a mystery. The standard for getting first eye contact changes with societal trends but the subtle cues of a cosmic intellect seem nearly timeless. Not that we even understand what conveys that meaning in a short first encounter.

She was just such a person. Radiating a friendly but astute aura. Perhaps a bit taller than average with a gait that reflected the natural beauty of function. Long wavy auburn hair without much fanfare or pretense.

But he had known her long enough now to notice a pattern in her behavior that felt relevant to the message. From time to time since this all started a time for decisive action would arise. At times like these, he would choose his word's carefully but quickly.

That she had a pivotal role was evident now. Communicating with her was mission critical. But seemingly out of necessity, she reacted almost indifferently upon first hearing an important communique. To him, at least early on, it felt as if he were broadcasting an SOS, and was unsure anybody could hear it.

As regular as clockwork though, this extraordinary female would respond in the most satisfying way. It was a mix of message received and carefully considered then a response with far more value than what was requested.

Now contemplating the meaning of this latest transaction he reflected on what she meant to the mission. He had grown so much from the curiosity regarding this latency, lasting on average two or three days, between a revelation and her measured response to it. He found himself mimicking this behavior because it was so effective. It became more and more familiar, like a call from home.

"I am wondering about timing here, we are prepared. Any thoughts?"

Her answer, as before, was just the right story ...

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