Sunday, December 13, 2009

What about Bo and Health?

And now we come full circle to the Bo Rock's Health project. Some will argue (me among them) that the emergence of the tablet computer is driven in part by the move to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Using Kimble-like display technology the new client devices for EMR will have the value of re-usable paper. The tablet computers will also need a signing capability, an electronic equivalent to a genuine signature.

I have been using an iPhone as the suggested platform for signing because it is of convenient size and is with its owner most of the time. Tablet computer's may not be as convenient but will have the capability of displaying, say, a 'full sheet of paper'.

Given the constraints of documents needing signatures, it may be wise to consider a wireless link between the iPhone and Tablet. Functions important to document sharing, signing and secuirty could be distributed amongst the two depending on the application (for example in EMR think doctor or nurse with a clip board, iPhone in pocket).

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