Sunday, December 20, 2009


Often, a breakthrough hypothesis was missed because of the rigid dispassionate observer protocol (that denies the inescapable subjectivity of a human observer). Like it or not, there is art in everything. One might say, a celebration of uncertainty.

Her 'storytelling' could be as short as a title, the length of a popular tune or something longer. Letting a story rather than its ostensible meaning do the talking preserved germane nuance and subtle or profound context. Just trying to analyze 'story' and, worse, write about it is to somehow not give the medium its due.

A recurring theme, patterns with broad if not universal application, served as background for a part of the message related to the plane of equality and incentive. So Bryan toyed with this concept by attempting to graph it. If on the horizontal axis is abundance and incentive on the vertical ...

It seemed relevant now that some visualization would serve to compact the message further while preserving its meaning - perhaps even enhancing it. A pretty good trick, to be sure, if one could bring it off.

Recalling a time in his young adult career when the word succinct was used to describe a letter, Byran, thought "Not yet, put it in the top drawer". It was a reminder to himself to check again when the time was right.

When unable to ID himself in the standard Level VII system he needed to visually read two words and type them into the text box on his device. It did not escape his attention that, more and more, there was a thread of meaning in the sequence of these words accumulating from the many secure online transactions in any given week or month. Not having the presence of mind to simply ask if this observation was a self-fulfilling prophecy or factually based he wondered what all those people did behind the curtain, fishing for or perhaps even creating meaning?

Truth be told two of Byran's favorite pastimes were the creation of meaning and the standard issue, babe. When they came in the same bundle it sure seemed this must be Nirvana. Both were essentially undefinable but carried so much good stuff they simply could not disappoint.

Her latest story began, "

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