Friday, December 18, 2009

Quack ... quack, quack, quack.

What really worked is learning about suggestibility and its pivotal role in my life. Recently I discovered I am not alone in being vulnerable to and lucky to be suggestible. In fact far from it. Four decades later this epiphany is flowering.

Learning about suggestibility, my own in this case, kept me from eating myself to death. Learning about humans propensity to accept suggestions opened a door to a profound understanding. Oops, getting ahead of the story ... again.

The weight disappeared in a matter of months. I had gone to the radical step of trusting a 'quack' science, hypnosis. I was desperate and, frankly, I could see it doing no harm. Within a couple of very reasonably priced sessions, I was hooked. To my surprise, a highly effective hypnotic suggestion was NOT about turning my brain off, indeed it was quite the opposite. It stimulated my sometimes overactive imagination into something incredibly positive. One could say insight triumphed over shame.

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