Monday, February 8, 2010

Breach Response

"We will have to go with what we have, our time out has expired."

He wondered why he needed to re-learn how easy it is to brainstorm a breakthrough compared to implementing it. Perhaps a better way to say it; the jarring re-discovery of over-simplification hazards inherent in creative processes.

What does the authoring of a binding agreement entail in this problem? The detail is clearly necessary at some stage. At this early stage it obscures the preverbal forest. Whereas … many collaborative documents had that word at the top.

Whereas an end-user has discovered the value of the service and the provider has invested in that discovery by providing that service without a contract … Seems a reasonable place to start.

Malleability of recollection, one of the vulnerabilities inherent in the best of adaptive cognition engines? Well yes, we are like that. Necessarily so, as he saw it. Communication not only served to transfer information between cognitive entities, the functions that supported it mitigate errors. And not just the bits lost or changed in transmission. Also in the automatic categorization process in the receiver where a large part of confusion can occur.

Mechanisms for dealing with the shaky nature of recall have developed over a very long period of time. The one they were considering now had a long history of success. Not perfect though. But uncertainty understood and defined was better than any alternative they had considered leading up to this 'eleventh hour'.

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  1. To much to think it with and not enough to think about. An engine revved under no load red-lines and seizes up.