Friday, February 19, 2010

This is not a test.

To have the opposition illuminated so fully was the big break. While luck had something to do with it, careful preparation and courageous execution cultivated that luck. Acting as a provocateur had an associated risk and is inherently stressful and uncertain. As each section lit up on the target screen the effort became more predictable and manageable.

Hubris leaves a big wake containing a lot of wasted energy and pointing to the hull that created it. Foolish pride so easy to see from a safe distance. This wake cut through the organic sea as if its inhabitants mattered not. But of course they do and given the opportunity they give voice to justice that is, at once, wise and resilient.

This pattern was familiar, too familiar. Not at all uncommon for someone escaping the confines of dogma driven survival. So relieved to break out of the suffocating morass the newly emergent attaches easily to the nearest flag. There are those who wait just outside because they know marks with energy are plentiful at the perimeter. Easily co-opted, nearly unaware that only half the battle took them to the edge.

Filters tuned to mask not the various forms of noise but instead anything not pleasant to the senses. Just the momentum carries her forward, this ship of a wayward wind.

And what of those on board? Someone there for a better ride, discovering too late that this is not what was expected. Another because the ship has its appendages that are net yet allowed to break free.

The messages started leaking out. Stirring the pot had the desired effect. Entrenched camouflage was subsumed by the newly vibrant brew. Now the violent reaction that just happened less than 24 hours ago made sense. This ugly machine had been forming for a long time. How far back, he was not sure yet but he expected at least several years. The warning signs were there but obscured by misused wealth and the usual assortment of privacy blinds.

The recording was as thorough as any since the project began. It can't have gone unnoticed what danger may lay at the doorstep after such a long time of beating back the truth without regard to the lives it hurt. Ignoring what might happen if this destructive pattern were allowed to continue was simply not an option.

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