Sunday, February 28, 2010

Under Weather

He could not get comfortable, the virus sapped his strength. Yet he was unable to deeply rest. In this state it was hard for him to see the experience as anything that could be described as productive. Yet, wise folk advised to seek what one could learn from it. Asking the question, and reviewing the advice, he did think of something relevant.

Systems started shutting down to divert energy to fighting the invader. Who or what exactly was the invader? The body's defense had to identify the invader, see it as distinct from the useful parties. It is not enough to just tag cells, organs etc. as useful. The tags need to be managed over time because life is change.

Sitting on enough destructive power to instantly destroy the physical vehicle on a moment's notice. Aspects of this weaponry could respond to the minutest signal if that signal was selected by the evolving defense. From one perspective, 'shoot first and ask questions later' supported survival. Hardly ideal though.

Critters dependent on a wider context required a more sophisticated defense. One that could allow a rapport to develop with an unknown conscious entity, friend or foe. Was a virus something like a message? Such as, "I am a pattern that is a threat to you, learn me and you will know how to defend against those like me?"

Many questions, and even through the haze he knew they were not a waste. The model of the mind that extends beyond a brain and even beyond the skin supports the concept of awareness residing not in a concentration between the ears but in interacting fields widely distributed.

His congested, achey hunch was something like: Code for this. Danger lurks. You have caught it early. Apply the patterns you know. Be open to discovering new ones in the library. Remember the library is a system. You have time to contact the other branches.

Getting well from this point of view is not nearly as mind-numbing, he thought. What happened recently that might provide a clue for updating 'defense'. Altercation with capable manager with on outsized ego. Fueled by an organization and industry that might be believing its own hype? A debate driven by saber-rattling rather than seeking a better way. Who are the friends not under siege? Contact them, when readyl

On to something? … Maybe. Let it percolate...

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