Tuesday, February 2, 2010

intel (not the co.)

Someone recently asked, "I see, what can I do to help?" Since this is a common historical pattern there is a wealth of precedent for the next steps. A depth of vetting when one embarks upon a plan can be both motivating and catalytic. At least two dimensions apply, our old friend time and synergy.

When communications are intelligent and robust, synergy can radically reduce the amount of time to vet the efficacy of either the task at hand or the mission and facilitate a mission's rapid implementation.

Those competing for mind share and/or challenged by the mission have a deep interest in diluting contributing synergy. Synergy in this context requires trust. If trust can be undermined, synergy can too. Ironically, when such efforts are exposed, trust bonding is enhanced (think, neighborhood association). Designing the means to detect things such as covert campaigns to instill doubt can play a significant role in a successful mission by validating the need for diligence.

Intelligence agencies have long known techniques for manipulating group opinion. Their sponsors control what the desired outcome is. Because bureaucratic momentum, it is worthy of note there is also the possibility that some control is internal.

In both cases, the directing entity is probably less than something we could call enlightened. We have come full circle now. If the mission has deep, rapid vetting by the parties who both control and consume good things are likely to happen, at least for awhile. Close the loop by connecting source and destination ... wise.

For the people, by the people … Using modern machine assisted agency , communications and organic morphology.

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