Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do we really need it?

Much has been written about the dark underbelly of the ego. But from the ego, one could argue, comes the bravado perhaps even courage to forge ahead without a conscious awareness of the still obscured path ahead. Sufficient similarity at the pattern level of the sub-conscious drives it? A temporary tuning of the filters to phase out what is assumed to be inconsequential or diversionary? And accumulating those settings to discover over iterations whether a particular tuning has value with real-time experiences or simulations?

Ironic that one of the less desirable manifestations of the ego is to be oversensitive to credibility risk. And at the same time there is the possibility of rationalizing this hypersensitivity. A highly supportable dysfunction. Something outside the unit circle that becomes a redundant perception hidden from detection because the artifact changes with the input.

He knew his continued attempts at putting tracers on the internal operations was productive. The new wrinkle was discovering connections that were invisible or non-existent before. Knowing that communications media had associated error rates, messaging such critical relationships required highly sophisticad error-correction. The deep role of redundancy and abstraction variations of it only recently discovered to be essential to propagation of life supporting routine.

The machine was quite capable in this area but review by an analog observer from time to time almost always generated new value. Organic recursion … again.

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