Friday, February 19, 2010

A Vertical Pattern

Headed down the path of a white collar criminal? That is a scary thought. Seeds are evident. When is expediency smart? Perhaps when it does not inordinately sacrifice the long term for the short? Yet another secular argument for compassion?

The intention was noble to a degree. Wanting to help a friend without betraying a confidence. A tricky proposition for a novice, no doubt. But handled with aplomb. A carefully placed hint with a person known to speculate carefully and vigorously. The downside risk, that person was … wait for it … human.

The privacy game a major theme here. Whose is more sacred? Sorry for the drama. Whose should prevail? Mamalian brain driven, the second level? It is about nurturance and its first assignment in the evolution of the triune brain? Not yet conscious but so much more than reactionary. And still easily preempted by the primitive, reptilian brain below.

The deep vertical patterns were easier to see now. Not that the technology was incapable of rendering them. It was just that the machines were not directed to do so, before. Once again a decoded nuance that had wide ranging ramifications.

The competition had an emotional element not well understood by either party. Hints at a collaboration on the other end of a contentious dialog confirmed by language patterns. A real study in curious mixes of seemingly contradictory behavior. Glaring errors in the most basic of management communication coupled with an extraordinary career … in management.

Tuning the high detectors, in fact, building them in the first place was clearly the most valuable discovery in the code so far. Adaptable sensors with robust programmable intelligence connected in a field oriented data store. And the detail to date was just on the inside. Wow.

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