Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good Guage

Citing resources as if quantity will substitute for veracity on one extreme. On the other, veiled references to ambiguous opinions based on heresay on the other. This man was a study in a curious mix of creativity, scientific rigor and social ineptitude. An engaging smile that was, at times, hiding an 'academic realism', to use terms that seemed to fit his style.

Rejected for consideration in the project because of his 'convenient' administrative ethic, seeing him again in a different circumstance was helpful. The early warning radar was better now at inhibiting false alarms. The robust application of the new cooperative paradigm, as in other venues, made it possible to see new opportunity without raising risk above an acceptable threshold.

Just a few years back, this research oriented educator represented a unique opportunity to fuse the practical with the highly structured to advance a particularly efficacious but expensive field. From one point of view, the potential could light the way to productivity in related fields. This was so because his field and its problems were so visible to decision makers and influencers.

Cooperative and often emergent networks … yes. Made possible by a highly tuned and massaged organic system. Ideally, energy and sensory data in. Good energy and processed data out. Avoiding the word before that best described robust context awareness and action seemed appropriate again. The forced indirection paradigm was working its magic again. Its icon, the symbol substituting for an instance of identity.

Precursive gauging of mood and intent, acknowledgment … nay reverence for the subtle nuance of effective communication. There was no substitute for practice. He again felt the cosmic smile well up from inside.

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