Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Operation Sunshine Initialize

It would be an exaggeration to call it hunkering down, though it surely was not a day in the park either. Under such circumstances certain systems were shut down while others were either locked down or put into a special hardened mode. Much of the terminology was carried over from military operation equivalents even though nearly all of the activity was in a virtual environment.

Like a biological ear, the detectors were protected with a feedback system that could enhance the sensitivity with multi-modal positive feedback and dramatically reduce it for anticipated high signal levels with negative acoustical feedback. A continuum of gain settings tunable to every conceivable listening task. Further, the content of the signals were taken into account. Adjusting spectral gain while minimizing deleterious effects from the expected wide dynamic range.

For those wishing to disable or deceive the 'listening' system there was nothing like an empirical listening history. Further, with the virtual anonymity of remote sensing in the cloud, gathering the empirical data covertly was very nearly routine.

So the tit-for-tat escalation of strategy and counter-strategy was different than other types of unencumbered interactive learning by one major parameter, the nefarious intent of the intruder. Generation of false signals disguised as navigation aids were now far more effective because co-opted agents were unaware that their loyalty had been kidnapped.

This pattern exploited the primitive functions by disabling the default override. Used often in political campaigns once the primitive 'code' was discovered. And considerably advanced when large data bases could be updated on a near real-time basis. Programming of agents was essential to this technique. Further, it had to be done in a disguised manner.

Conflation of obscuration methods immediately set off alarms because of the implicit danger of circumventing various security perimeters. For those agents experiencing traumatic stress effects the reaction was both immediate and severe.

Such was the case with the last interchange. The goal was to gain insight into the loud decoy problem. This person exhibited all the common symptoms of someone overexposed in a hostile environment. He regretted having to sideline this friend who might have been pivotal to the mission over the next several months. Such was the nature of operating in unchartered waters and only partially understood adversaries.

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