Saturday, February 6, 2010

Intimate Meme

"When the long wave agenda collides with a short wave agenda.", he thought.

Sharing the same space, it is somewhat intuitive that this a small but distinct probability. One, the short, clearly appears to humans to have an agenda, collective free-will. To the degree that both have an agenda mechanism it is quite conceivable that they will interact. Infrequently, to be sure, since the frequency of the long wave is so low by comparison.

Yesterday's experience cued these thoughts about the fundamental nature of our perceived universe. The speculation that our universe has projected dimension(s) and perhaps one of those is time set in motion its consequence to the mind overlay of the task's current objective.

Several wavelengths were in play, cosmic, generation and discovery cycle. Some combinations were consciously explicit, others not. Some permutations contained even more relevant insight.

She was managing two common but conflicting paradigms. In this case, they were quite natural in the here and now. With a new tool, balancing them was much easier in most situations. But this time the tool was a conduit for random and adjacent noise. It was easy for him to break the connection. He knew the risk of doing so, the system would adjust to what it perceives as a breach and because it was easy to implement, it was also easy to subsequently detect and prevent.

There was a word that described the mindful interconnectedness involved. They had used it on several occasions since the project began. In the individual functional disciplines at the project's beginning this word had at least one meaning for each. They avoided using it for that very reason. This important concept and its application in the effort is when the Alias Task (AKA) began.

Her primary assignment at this stage was to glean as much as possible from the … I want to say, collision of the long and short wave agendas. To become a believable participant, her operating directives were modified according to recent societal norms.

She was quick but lacked deep experience. Her sub-conscious volition was carefully cultivated though. Her skills were widely recognized not only among her peers but also among people of other ages and other sentient beings.

But she had to concede in the confrontation yesterday, that his method was at least effective even if not totally justified. Believing ones own deception is a common and often overlooked hazard. The sheer complexity and sophistication of the technological offset mechanism was testimony to that fact.

He knew that yesterday's events opened the door for resolution of the current obstacle. It would be easy and also foolish to wallow in the success and abdicate responsibility for the next cusp due in just a few short days.

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